Episode 47: The Witch of Eagle’s Crag

“On the eve of All Hallows the hound and the doe meet on the crag – a spectre hunstman in full chase!”

Eagle’s Crag, as depicted in The Traditions of Lancashire

This episode we have a tale featuring Lancashire Witches, phenomenal cosmic power, a sort of gap year/nature documentary, an unexpected promotion and a story mash up that almost works if you squint.

Originally coming straight from the pen of Lancashire folklore’s most unreliable narrator and now told by me, another unreliable narrator, you’ll end this story probably scratching your head and wondering what actually just happened.

This is a story I originally wanted to include to go along with a live show I did at the Centre for Folklore, Myth and Magic in Todmorden, but the story is actually set a few miles outside of Todmorden, and I performed the story about four months before I released the episode. Just means I’ll have to do better next time!

This is also the longest ever podcast episode (it really just should have been a two parter but I got carried away).

I hope despite all that you can enjoy this story of witches of various moral aligments.

Todmorden and The Centre for Folklore Myth and Magic

The Centre for Folklore Myth and Magic in Todmorden does exactly what it says on the tin – it’s a meeting place, and research hub for folklorists, and folklore with a cafe, shop events space, library and workspaces.

It’s got rotating art exhibitions, live events of various sorts – music, academic talks, storytelling, and is generally a wonderful place, to visit or at attend many events.
I’d really recommend popping if you’re in the area and it’s definitely worth travelling further for the live events.

It also features a presentation done by me!

You can see the upcoming event schedule on the website here: https://www.folkloremythmagic.com/upcoming-events And here are just a few photos to whet your appetite.

Eagle’s Crag Brewery

As mentioned on the podcast Todmorden is also home to Eagle’s Crag Brewery – which I’ve not tried, but given the link to this story I absolutely need to very soon: https://eaglescragbrewery.co.uk/

Pendle and Witchcraft

As I mentioned Pendle is very much associated with Witchcraft to the present day – here are a few illustartions of this I took on a recent trip there

“The Witch of Eagle’s Crag” 1895 Book

In researching this episode I found reference to an 1895 book, by Allen Clarke called the Witch of Eagle’s Crag – the front cover illustration from which I have used as the episode image. However unlike most books I find reference to I cannot find an online copy at all.

I’d love to read it so if anyone ever does manage to find a version then please let me know!

Selected Sources

Intro music from the incredibly talented Alice Nicholls Music
Outro music and other various by Josh Keely and Mitch Newman

Other music, used under various Creative Commons and public Domain licenses:

Damiano Baldoni
Bewitched Hell
The one who spread the sadness
Like in the sky
Excidentis foliae

Doug Maxwell
Dramatic Swarm

Brian Bolger
Black Mass
Earth Appears

Lionel Schmitt
Malignant Heart
Castle of Darkness
The Beast
Love and Sadness

Final Boss

Doctor Turtle
Ladies take me with you
Rotisserie Graveyard

Celtic Love

The Crosses of Annagh

Alexander Nekarada
Blood Eagle

Dark Waves

Jimena Contreras
Devil’s Organ

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