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A very warm welcome to the Tales of Britain & Ireland podcast website. Many thanks for visiting.

If you’re new to the podcast then you can find more about it at the functionally titled “About” page here: About Tales of Britain and Ireland podcast.

On the website you’ll find a page for each episode as well as a limited amount of other content.

Episode Pages

Pages contain most of the below:

  • A player where you can hear the episode
  • A much shortened text version of the story section of the episode, as a recap or in case you don’t like podcasts! – not available for every episode
  • Illustrations and photos related to the episode
  • Links to some of the sources used
  • Musical credits
  • Other bits and pieces, e.g. discussions of particular aspect of the tales, links to songs about the stories and links to other versions

Get stuck in to all the Episodes here: Tales of Britain & Ireland Episodes

Or if you don’t know where to start and want a more curated selection, here are my personal favourites: My favourite episodes

Other website content

As well as the episodes pages there are also pages on:-

Folklorists – a collection of short articles about some of the folklorists, and associated other storytellers, translators and collectors who crop up during the podcast

Folklorists and the origin of the stories – a discussion of why I end up talking about folklorists so much

Legendary memes for Elven-Queen abducted teens – Over the years I’ve tried to make memes. They are dreadful and have no audience. This is a gloriously embarrassing collection of them all. Preserved here for the complete indifference of posterity

Recommendations – Links to other Folklore, Myths and Legends type podcasts, tested and approved by myself

Future website content

Other things I’d like to include on this website are:

  • A map of the legends – surprisingly difficult to do
  • A fuller list of sources
  • Further recommendations
  • Reviews
  • Some video content??!

If there’s anything else you’d like to see please do let me know

I hope you enjoy the website and the podcast. I always welcome feedback and comments, so please get in touch if you’ve any thoughts.

And of course if you want to support the podcast then you can always join on Patreon where you’ll also get new episodes and leave a review wherever you listen to the podcast.

January 2022

Welcome to Tales of Britain and Ireland!

Welcome to Tales of Britain & Ireland: A podcast telling folktales, myths and legends from across Britain and Ireland. Hosted by Graeme Cooke.

Following the links below to find out more:

About the podcast
About the website

Where to begin?

All episodes
My favourite episodes

Other odds and sods:

Folklorist Biographies
Podcast recommendations
Failed memes for Elven Queen-abducted Teens

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