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There are a great many Folklore, Myths and Legends podcasts out there with much outstanding content. Here are some of my personal favourites, with brief descriptions of what I like about them.

Please note I’ve only included here podcasts that I have spent a reasonable amount of time listening to and I’ve enjoyed. I have only listened to a fraction of what is available myself so this should not be considered in any way a comprehensive survey of the podcasts within the field.

There’s a great many more to discover so if you’re interested I’ll doubt you’ll ever get bored! This list has a definite bias towards Britain, Ireland and America, and I’ll aim to put that right in the coming year.

Links below are to Spotify/Podcast websites but they can be found on any where you listen to podcasts.

Also please note that these are in no particular order!

The Folkore Podcast:

A wealth of information on all kinds of topics. The podcast mostly takes an interview style format, with knowledgeable and fascinating guests. Wherever your interests in folklore lie there’ll be something here for you.

Part of the Folklore Network


A humorous look at Forgotten Folklore, Obscure curiosities and Local Legends. Two quick witted comedian hosts and numerous guests make this a very funny show indeed. Also manages to be pretty damn informative with it. A true delight, with mountains of back episodes.

Website: The Loremen Podcast

Myths and Legends:

A huge back catalogue of stories from all across the world. If you like Tales of Britain and Ireland you’ll probably like this as well. Just simply great story telling with hundreds of episodes.

Website: Mythpodcast.com

Celtic Myths and Legends:

An extremely knowledgeable and personable host takes you through the world of Celtic mythology, with humorous and interesting diversions a plenty. Love it.

Website: CelticMythsPodcast.com

Blúiríní Béaloidis:

A podcast on Irish folklore coming from The Folklore Collection at University College Dublin. Gentle humour and absolutely expert knowledge and insight, Interspersed with old audio interviews conducted with Irish people about their beliefs and experiences of folklore.

Fabulous Folklore:

Bitesize chunks of folklore that nevertheless pack a large amount of information in, with funny observations and a large number of episodes.
Icy also has an excellent blog in addition to the podcast.
Website: Fabulous Folklore with Icy

The Faerie Folk:

A short story telling podcast, taking a regional approach to folklore. Perfect for a younger audience, though adults will enjoy it too.

A bit of a tourist guide through the magic of the UK.

Stories of Scotland:

Mixing history, folklore and high quality original story telling, along with a good deal of warmth and humour, this is a great podcast for all things Scottish.

Website: Stories of Scotland

Story Archaeology:

One of my absolute favourite podcasts: An in depth look at Irish Mythology with a considerable focus on the art of storytelling. Funny, moving, and with information simply unavailable elswhere.

The podcast is now over, though Story Archaeology.com still exists, but the many existing episodes are still excellent listens.

Can be found at apple podcasts here: Story Archaeology apple podcasts

History and Folklore Podcast:

A gentle, easy to listen to podcast covering a large number of different topics and looking at them from different angles. Great for odd snippets of information that you didn’t know you didn’t know!

Bone and Sickle:

A bizarre, macabre and funny look at folklore with a definite bent towards the darker side.

Probably the most audio rich podcast on this list with beautiful sound scaping, and with a framing story that delightfully threatens to get out of control!

Website: Bone and Sickle

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