Episode 3: The Boyhood of Fionn Part 1

The Fenian cycle starts here….

Fionn MacCumhaill

We dip a toe into the vast lake of Irish Mythology with the beginnings of the Fenian cycle, a King called Conn, a warrior called Cumhaill and a boy called Fionn.

Set in an untamed Ireland where clans war against each other, invaders threaten from across the sea and the threatening and alluring presence of the Sídhe is never far away.

This is the very start of the Fenian Cycle, one of the vast corpuses of Irish Mythology, and here we get introduced to characters who appear in a great many more tales to come.

Fionn and Bodhmall
Fionn and Bodhmall. In no way how I see either of them – but Arthur Rackham could draw and I cannot!

And now the continuation….

Episode 4: The Boyhood of Fionn Part 2

This episode continues the podcast’s look into the beginnings of the Fenian cycle. There’s a grisly plot item, a definitive answer to the question of…

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